Freedom Plus AUX-18F2H 5,25/5,50 kW

New product

  • Excellent model for summer use.
  • Operates quietly compared to other models in its price range.
  • Over the years, the quality of this model has proven to be exceptional.
  1. Type: Wall-mounted
  2. Energy class: A++
  3. Cooling capacity: 5,25 kW
  4. Heating capacity: 5,50 kW
  5. Suitable for rooms up to: 60 square meters

More details

785,00 € tax incl.

-99,00 €

884,00 € tax incl.

Rated Voltage220-240V-1-50Hz220-240V-1-50Hz220-240V-1-50Hz220-240V-1-50Hz
Cooling Capacity (BTU/H)9212119421740124567
Cooling Capacity (kW)2.6(0.6-3.1)3.4(0.8-3.8)5.1(1.3-5.3)7.2(1.8-7.4)
Heating Capacity (BTU/H)9895129661842525884
Heating Capacity (kW)2.61(0.8-3.4)3.5(1.0-4.2)5.4(1.3-5.5)7.2(1.8-8.0)
Cooling Current (A)3.9(0.9-6.9)5.6(0.7-7.8)7.0(1.2-7.5)10(1.0-12)
Heating Current (A)3.0(1.3-6.9)4.9(1.5-8)6.0(1.0-6.6)9.5(1.0-11)
Cooling Input (kW)0.85(0.1-1.6)1.2(0.1-1.6)1.52(0.28-1.70)2.2(0.23-2.76)
Heating Input (kW)0.63(0.3-1.5)1.1(0.3-1.5)1.40(0.22-1.50)2.2(0.23-2.53)
SEER Cooling6.106.106.606.53
SEER energy classA++A++A++A++
SCOP Heating - warmer5.085.085.335.31
SCOP energy class - warmerA+++A+++A+++A+++
Max Input Current (A)8.58.5916
Max Input Power (kW)
Refrigerant Quantity (kg)0.5500.5500.8001.300
Air Flow Volume (m3/h) - (Turbo-Hi-Mid-Low-Si)600/520/470/420/380600/520/470/420/380850/760/680/610/5501300/1130/1030/940/850
IU Noise (Sound Pressure) (dB) - (Turbo-Hi-Mid Low-Si)53/48/44/39/3253/48/44/39/3257/49/46/40/3663/58/54/49/42
OU Noise(Sound Pressure) (dB)61616266
IU Net Weight (kg)8.58.51114
OU Net Weight (kg)18182549
Net Dimension IU (W×D×H) (mm)750×200×285750×200×285900×225×3101082×233×330
Net Dimension OU (W×D×H) (mm)650×233×455650×233×455715×280×537900*700*350
Piping Diameter- Liquid Side (mm(inch ))6.35(1/4)6.35(1/4)6.35(1/4)6.35(1/4)
Piping Diameter - Gas Side (mm(inch))9.52(3/8)9.52(3/8)12.7(1/2)15.88(5/8)
Max pipe length (m)20202525
Max installation fall (m)10101515
Additional added gas charge per meter (g)15152525
Max pipe length (m) for pre - charge gas5555
Ambient Temp - Cooling16~49°C16~49°C16~49°C16~49°C
Ambient Temp - Heating-15~30°C-15~30°C-15~30°C-15~30°C

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