Recuperator Itho HRU 200

New product

Ventilation unit with upstream plate recuperator. The recuperator has an automatic by-pass valve. The housing is made of polyethylene foam and is therefore extremely quiet and thoroughly insulated. Mounted both vertically and horizontally. The filters are changed on both sides of the unit.

More details

980,00 € tax incl.

  • The maximum air flow (100 Pa) is 200 m3 / h

  • The minimum air flow (12 Pa) is 25 m3 / h
  • Energy class - A
  • Heat efficiency of heat recovery - 88%
  • The electric power of the fan drive at the maximum air flow is 99W
  • The electric power of the fan drive at the lowest air flow is 4W
  • Sound power level (LWA) - 53dB
  • Specific electrical power - 0.264W / (m3 / h)
  • Dimensions (AxPxG) - 760x597x290 mm
  • Weight - 12kg
  • Filter class- (G3 dust filter for the first three months)
  • Duct connection diameter - 4x125mm
  • Power supply voltage - ~ 230 V - 50 Hz
  • Condensate drainage sewer pipe connection 2x14mm
  • Integrated radio receiver RF (868 MHz) - 30 m in open space
  • The recuperator has an automatic controller (frost protection controller) that protects the heating unit from freezing

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