Single wall flue

New product

The set includes:

Chimney np L1m selected quantity.

Tee 87 degrees. 1 pc.

Upper insert holder 1 pc.

Rain canopy 1 pc.

Condensate collector/cleaning cap 1 pc.

Clamping coupling coupling L-0.15 m 1 pc.

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177,77 € tax incl.

Chimney liners are installed in existing brick or concrete chimneys to protect them from rapid decay under the influence of heat and aggressive condensation. They are designed to remove combustion products from heating devices that burn gaseous, liquid or solid fuels by natural draft.

Note: element from Ø 100 to Ø 200 mm. steel thickness 0.5 mm.,
element from Ø 230 to Ø 300 mm. steel thickness 0.6 mm
The products meet the requirements of EN 1856-2
All information required for the installation and operation of the products is provided in the installation and
in the operating instructions,
NP - stainless steel 1.4301