Double wall chimney complete set

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Diameter: Optional
Height: Optional
Chimney L-0.5 m 1 pc.
Tee 87 degrees. 1 pc.
Upper nozzle 1 pc.
Bottom nozzle np/np 1 pc.
Chimney site L140-190 mm 1 pc.
Bracket adjustable L140-190 mm required quantity
Condensate collector 1 pc.
Finishing plate 0 degree.

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659,56 € tax incl.

Every individual house owner hopes that the built house will be strong, reliably protected from external factors, and its constituent elements will serve smoothly and last a long time. It is important for every owner of any type of building that, for example, a new roof covering or a new chimney is installed so well that you don't have to worry about it every day, that you don't have to allocate additional funds for its operation every year and that you can forget about its existence for a long time. . We offer you exactly such double-walled chimneys. Chimneys manufactured by "Dumtra" do not cause any problems during their operation, they serve efficiently and for a long time.

The two main characteristics of a good chimney are: good draft and durability. This is exactly what double-walled chimneys offered by edumtra are.

Technical parameters:

thickness of blown insulation s = 25 mm;

internal element from Ø 80 to Ø 200 mm., steel thickness 0.5 mm.

Outer wall material EN 1.4301; (AISI 304), thickness S=0.5 mm.

Internal element from Ø 250 to Ø 300 mm. steel thickness 0.6 mm.

Products comply with EN 1856-1; EN 1856-2, requirements.

NP - stainless steel 1.4301

Inner wall material EN 1.4301; AISI 304. RR - stainless steel 1.4301

Outer wall material EN 1.4301; AISI 304.

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