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Because we live in a temperate climate zone, a homes heating system is an important part of it. The chimney can be classified as one of the most essential elements of an individual house. Only when chimney works properly, the optimal combustion process is created, then the maximum thermal energy is extracted and all the gases formed during combustion are removed from the boiler. This protects against the unpleasant smell of smoke, makes the home warm and good to live in.

With the optimal combustion process, when fuel burns it reaches the temperature required to quickly extract the gas and prevent the chimney inside from being covered by condensate. This way, you will not have any problems with your chimney and it will be durable. If the combustion process is not optimal, the chimney inside will start to cover with condensate, on which soot later accumulates, resulting in a significant reduction of the smoke exhaust. When the fume exhaust is decreased, the optimal combustion is lost, therefore the gas enters the chimney after cooling, so even more condensate and soot is formed on the inside of the chimney and smoke flow can disappear completely.


If you are looking for the right chimney for your new building or you want to replace your old and problematic chimney with a new one, we can offer you our high quality metal cylindrical chimneys. Our chimneys are made according to the latest technologies from high quality, certified, ISO compliant materials, this ensures their durability. The design is modern and innovative, which is relevant when planning to install the chimney to the house. Our chimneys can be installed outside and inside the house.


The chimney is triple-layered, it consists of two, internal and external metal pipes and an insulation material between them. The inner pipe is made of stainless, high temperature resistant steel which is specially designed for the chimneys. Its surface is very smooth, which is important for the chimney to have a good draft and to prevent the formation of soot on its walls. The outer layer of the chimney can be selected individually, made of glossy stainless steel or powder coated galvanized sheet according to the RAL color palette.


To keep the chimney warm, the gap between its two layers is filled with thermal insulation. The insulation material is additionally reinforced with metal mesh, which prevents from the air gaps occurring over time. A chimney that warms up quickly and maintains heat, guarantees good flow of the exhaust gases from the combustion boiler.


Other important components of the chimney are a tee part for connecting the boiler to the chimney, a soot collector and upper cover, which protects the chimney from the ingress of rain and wind gusts. In this e-shop you will find all the parts you need to complete the chimney.

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